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When joining Harlock Investment Services our clients complete a client profile questionnaire. This document is very important for reference, and will enable us to understand your complete financial position.
Your adviser will then discuss your personal needs and objectives and assist in defining your financial goals, return expectations and risk tolerance. This collection of information is used to design an investment planning strategy that includes a neutral asset allocation to suit your risk profile, needs, and income/growth requirements.
Structuring a client's financial position will, over time, increase returns and lower risk. We provide our clients with a comprehensive knowledge of structures such as tax, company, trust, superannuation, and estate models. In addition, we work closely with our client's accountant, solicitor, manager and other professionals to provide the best strategies possible.
Once we have agreed to implement your financial plan and have established that all objectives have been addressed, we will put into effect your investment strategy as documented by your individual financial plan. This may involve purchasing equities or other financial instruments in which case you will receive a confirmation of each trade.
Finally, we will assist you in completing the appropriate documents and proposal forms to open your accounts. Remember, your assets are always held in your name. Harlock Investment Services never takes control of your investment accounts. We utilise a variety of companies as our investment vehicle providers or stock brokerage firms. The choice of which service provider we use depends on the client's strategy and level of service selected. 
You will receive monthly account statements from your investment vehicle provider. In addition, on a quarterly basis you will receive from Harlock Investment Services, a performance report and our economic outlook report. The performance reports compare your performance to the benchmarks as originally stated by your adviser. Also, the report includes our market commentary and updates regarding specific investments and up and coming investment opportunities.
We will plan to meet with you on an "as needed" basis to keep on top of your situation. Quarterly we will communicate and discuss the performance of your portfolio. We encourage you to call us at any time if you have any questions or concerns regarding your account or to update us with changes in your financial needs or situation.
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