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Every client has unique circumstances. Harlock Investment Services will identify your financial goals, develop solutions to complex financial problems, identify priorities, provide recommendations and satisfy conflicts of interest.

While normally providing a long term focus, a plan must be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the changing needs of the client and be modified as their needs and the investment environment change.

In many cases the plan and strategies may have to be implemented with the outcome decades away.

Our financial planning process usually consists of the following six steps.

1. Where the client is now
2. Where the client wants to go
3. Meeting client objectives
4. Selection of products
5. Implementation
6. Ongoing Service

Harlock Investment Services offers advice through 4 different levels of service.

This would generally reflect your current circumstances and the degree of
pro-active advice required. At any level we like to keep our clients involved and informed. We generally discourage the use of a full discretionary management service (authority to alter investments for clients). Every time we place investments on behalf of our clients we discuss the opportunity and then have the client agree and sign authority documentation. This keeps our clients informed and involved in the investment process.

The levels of service and advice offered by Harlocks Investment Services are compared in the diagram below:


Since every client's needs, objectives and investment sophistication are different, the above service levels offer personalised advice which can assist in defining and achieving your goals or a level of service to integrate with your current strategies.

For example a retired client with a Self Managed Superannuation Fund who has a suitable strategy and structure in place, may only require our investment consulting service to provide recommendations and research.

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