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Our portfolios are invested in a wide range of investment and asset classes. However, to reduce the managed funds' management expense ratios (MER) we hold specific stocks directly in your portfolio along with other financial instruments. Through this method our research team has a reputation of effectively reducing portfolio MER costs by up to 50%.

Other firms in our industry, who can only advise on managed funds, may be driven primarily by performance history or adviser commission fees. We have found that historical performance is not a good predictor of future performance. Therefore we request that our research focus on often-overlooked qualitative factors in addition to quantitative screens. We believe that research and information is a vital part of our continuing business success. We spend a considerable portion of our income on research, education and conference attendance.

All our investment strategies begin with a "balanced asset allocation." This benchmark reflects a sensible constant allocation for a theoretical investor who is not actively managing assets. Asset classes included in the "balanced" allocation for our basic portfolio strategies include:

Fixed interest
Small-cap Australian stocks
Large-cap Australian stocks
Foreign stocks
Additional Asset Classes:
International fixed interest
Specialist asset classes include:
Private capital
Unlisted equity investments
Collectables & precious metals
Endowment warrants
Tax driven investments
We shift away from the balanced allocation to suit individual investor's risk profiles or when there are market opportunities. This usually happens when irrationality drives prices of certain asset classes or specific company stock to unjustified levels. Tactical asset allocation may be necessary when long-term trends emerge. After analysis of the relevant investment asset, we recommend to invest only when we are absolutely confident that a major impact will occur in the upcoming investment climate.
Throughout our research process we take advantage of our global information network. Our research team is positioned in the investment industry as a highly respected financial planning company which gives us access to opportunities with respect to new investments. The ability to tap into their knowledge base and benefit from other's research is, we believe, an important part of our competitive advantage.
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