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Our philosophy is based on the following elements:
General philosophy
Understanding our clients:  their financial and personal circumstances, needs, objectives and risk profile.
Utilising effective structures:  constructing the most effective structure (e.g. family trusts, companies, superannuation funds, pension funds, gearing initiatives, joint or individual holdings) in the context of the most efficient management of assets, estate planning, taxation, succession planning and liabilities and other risks.
Investment philosophy

Investments recommendations are based on value and opportunity, with a focus on:

investments that offer stable proven earnings and strong dividend or income returns to investors – in particular for those in retirement
longer term performance, not the short term volatility associated with markets
being on time in the markets, not timing the markets
ensuring that investment capital is not eroded by inflation
actively seeking unique investment opportunities
rigorously determining and then maintaining a preferred list of investments
building portfolios which preserve balance and diversity across asset classes, fund management, investment styles and sectors and regional allocation
ongoing review of market and client situations.
Personal Insurance
The purpose of our insurance recommendations is to ensure our clients are best placed to protect their personal and financial position from impacts caused by illness, injury, permanent incapacity, traumatic illness and death.  This is achieved by:
recommending the most appropriate and affordable insurance package from top rating insurance providers based on independent research
working with the client to arrange insurance cover that allows for existing medical conditions or non-conforming work arrangements
structuring the insurance package to maximise tax concessions and incorporating the client’s cash flow requirements
Service standards

The following standards underpin the service provided at Harlocks and enable us to measure our performance.

Professional service
The advisers and client service staff at Harlocks are dedicated and highly-qualified professionals.  
The advisers are fully qualified in terms of ASIC and FPA standards and are committed to undertake continuous professional development.
Clearly defined procedures
Harlocks has developed clearly defined procedures for providing advice and implementing Plans, so that clients can easily understand the steps involved in the provision of its services.
Building the adviser / client relationship:  availability and responsiveness
Advisers are committed to keeping in contact with their clients, arranging regular portfolio reviews, and being responsive to their needs.
Clients are encouraged to contact advisers and staff if they have any questions regarding their financial position, or about market or legislative changes. 
The aim is to establish an effective and meaningful long-term relationship between a client and their adviser.
Keeping clients informed
As part of the advice process Harlocks is committed to demystifying investment, superannuation and insurance processes for clients, and on an ongoing basis, keeping them up-to-date with market and legislative changes.  The aim is to assist clients to be able to make more informed decisions.

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