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Whilst we appreciate the time, effort and tedious task involved in preparing inventories to be submitted to your Department for both storage and overseas, we would like to point out that these inventories are an important and integral part of both Commonwealth Indemnity (for goods in store) and overseas cover, particularly in relation to transit losses.

Additionally, these inventories prove to be an irreplaceable asset for future reference and a tool used to establish the amount of contents you have acquired. For example, some of our clients who experienced total losses (eg. during a flood or bush fires) were required to provide their insurer with listings of items they wish to claim to facilitate the claims process. You can imagine how difficult it would be to remember all your contents after they were gone. Fortunately for the clients (some who had been on postings 10-15 years prior) we had their files in our encrypted email archives and could supply them with their inventories.

A minimal inventory submission could consist of your Carriers inventory list Air/Sea (as submitted e.g. Toll) and an accompanied items list for items taken on the plane, you could use the Accompanying Items tab in the inventory spreadsheet template we provide. DFAT Employees please contact us to discuss requirements.

For accompanied items, please list expensive items such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, headphones etc and the total value of each suitcase including their contents (no need to break down).

Please note, jewellery must be carried on the plane on your person during the transit (it would not be covered in your air/sea transit consignment).

Please call our office on 02 6247 6233 to have our application package emailed to you.

We strongly recommend that applicants contact our office prior to completing the proposal/application form, our insurance representatives are authorised to compare and advise on this form of cover allowing you to make an informed decision.

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