Since 1970, Harlocks insurance has been administering insurance schemes for Commonwealth Public Servants and Defence Personnel on long-term postings overseas, as well as a Domestic insurance package for these Personnel within Australia. We additionally implemented insurance schemes for various companies, organisations and community groups.

Harlocks Pty Limited had been employed as Consultants for Contractual, Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance by various Government Departments. All projects involved a degree of risk management on mainly a consulting arrangement with the various Departments, to supervise the implementation of the correct insurances in respect of Contract Works, Liability and Workers Compensation.

In respect of this Company’s Principal Officers, or the Company’s experience in the self-insurance area, schemes are placed on a State by State basis or on a one-off project basis, and were designed to be administered with a view to the Company seeking participation in premium reduction by way of Risk Management.

Harlocks Insurance Division has the following schemes and services:

World Wide Multiple Risk Cover Insurance
Personal Insurances
Commercial Insurances
Professional Risk Insurances
Rural Insurances
Life Insurances
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