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Harlocks Pty Limited’s history dates back to the early 1900’s. However, it was first established in Canberra in 1972 under the Harlock International and Harlock and Galli Group of Companies. Since that time Harlocks has been administering Insurance Schemes for Commonwealth Public Servants and Defence personnel on long-term Postings overseas, as well as Domestic Insurances within Australia.

Since 1972 Harlocks Pty Ltd has been employed as Consultants for Contractual, Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance by various Government Departments, as follows:

National Capital Development Commission
Department of Housing and Construction
Department of Housing and Construction, Victoria
Department of Main roads, Tasmania
Department of Housing and Construction, Tasmania
ACT Public Works and Services
ACT – Land Environment Bureau
ACT – Leasing Section
Some of the major Projects on which we have been, or are currently, Consultants include:
Black Mountain Telecommunications Tower - Canberra
High Court of Australia - Canberra
National Gallery - Canberra
Googong Dam - NSW
Geelong Animal Hospital - Victoria
Second Hobart Bridge - Tasmania
Hobart Airport - Tasmania
Deakin Telephone Exchange - Canberra
Loddon Regional Prison - Victoria
Barwon Regional Prison - Victoria
NBSL Building - Canberra
AGSO Building - Canberra
All the above Projects involved a degree of risk management on mainly a consulting arrangement with the various Departments, to supervise the implementation of the correct Insurances in respect of Contract Works, Liability and Workers Compensation.
Over the past four decades, the Harlock Group of Companies have owned and operated insurance broking services, insurance underwriting facilities such as the issuing of policies and the settlement of claims, licensed Real Estate agency, licensed building company and repair and maintenance company.
As our client base expanded Harlock Investment Services, was established in 1999 to provide our family of selected clients with a disciplined, diversified and comprehensive insurance programs. We carefully manage our growth so that we can maintain our distinct corporate edge which unites a unique culture with an intense focus on investment research together with personal client service. We are confident that the range of services provided will not only be comprehensive but beneficial to individual clients.
 Harlock Group of Companies.
 Harlocks Pty. Limited  ABN 78 008 552 010. 
 Harlock Investment Services Pty Ltd  ABN 86 008 542 390.
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